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Diminishing Symptoms of Alzheimer's by using Nutrition, Dietary Supplements, and a Functional Medicine Approach

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Our Approach to Alzheimer's Treatment

Alzheimer's affects more than just the patient. It affects the lives of everyone around them. We understand the complications and frustrations associated with caring for individuals with Alzheimer's. We take this sensitivity into the creation of a specific program may help reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's and bring balanced health to their lives.

Our Alzheimer's programs include

  • Help understanding which functional medicine testing or blood work should be administered to those with Alzheimer's (Mitochondria, gut function, vitamin's deficiency, etc.)

  • Direction on which foods are beneficial for healthy mitochondria and brain function

  • Outline of foods to avoid for a better brain function

  • The sources of Mercury found in foods (it has been proven that Mercury is detrimental to brain health)

  • Review patient health history through questionnaires for a better understanding of the overall health situation

  • Customized Intervention Plan designed specifically for each patient

  • Guidance on which dietary supplements may be helpful in reducing symptoms

  •  Assistance with understanding if side effects of your medications may cause symptoms of memory loss


Learn more about our ground breaking approach to reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer's

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